DCAF has been involved in establishing transparency and accountability mechanisms across the security sector since 2001. With an initial special focus on South East Europe and the Former Soviet Union, DCAF has diversified its programming into Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia –Pacific.

In the defence sphere, DCAF programmes on transparency & accountability issues aim to provide a variety of stakeholders with the tools required to ensure best  practices in resource management , procurement and policy formulation.

Relevant platforms have included the Partnership Action Plan on Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB) and the Partnership for Peace (PfP) Consortium of Defence Academies.

DCAF has also previously cooperated with Transparency International UK on the Defence Against Corruption Programme, NATO Building Integrity Team on “Building Integrity and Reducing Corruption in the Defence Sector” and with Working Table 3 of the Stability Pact for South East Europe.

DCAF’s committment to Building Integrity programming has ranged from providing advisory services to knowledge product development and on to capacity development trainings. Activities have taken place in cooperation with national defence institutions, regional organisations., democratic institutions  and NGOs.


Photo credit: © Karina Priajina